You have to be quick!


You can still find some great deals on Craigslist ---- you just have to be fast. These two vehicles ---- triumph spitfire and mgb — sold within 30 minutes of being listed.

Triumph Spitfire listed for $3000.

MGB listed for $3500

image image image image

Perhaps not perfect, but how could one go wrong for those prices. Like I said, sold within 30 minutes of being listed.



Yes, timing is critical to nabbing a good craigslist deal. It’s important to have the money at the ready (preferably in cash), to reach out to the seller in their preferred method (usually noted in the listing), and then to drop everything to go see the car in person as soon as the seller is available to show it.

Once you’re there with the car, though, it’s important to take your time and check out every little detail. You don’t want the pressure to be quick with the purchase to cause you to overlook subtle flaws (like older tires, weak AC, hidden rust, etc.) that could end up being costly to fix.

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