WTB Clean 2001-2006 Mitsubishi Montero

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I think the AMG chassis would probably drive a bit better overall, as the 320 was pretty soft. I would give it up for a 430 with the designo expresso package. Something different than the typical black/silver paint, and the brown leather seats are awesome.

Rare as can be, but understandable as that type of interior was way ahead of it’s time. Today you can get a pickup truck with brown seats, but in 2001?



I love those designo interiors – especially the weird ones like this R129…


BTW, here’s a prior generation Montero with just 61k miles, in case that’s of any interest…



Not a designo edition, but this CLK430 checks a lot of other boxes: just 41k miles, a cool exterior color (Quartz Blue), and a reasonable price. Plus (according to the seller) it’s been “excessively maintained,” which seems probable considering it’s wearing brand new Michelin Pilot Sports…



That Monty SR is really nice. The SR is the one with the off road package with the air lockers and skid plates etc. The gauges so 80’s for a 90’s car. Wants some serious cheese for it though.

As for a CLK I’m actually looking for a convertible, but that blue is slick.

Found a 3rd gen Monty on ebay at this place. Everything looks like a really clean example, but the paint tells another story. Especially on the back door and tire cover. I’m going to see if they’ll move on the price, otherwise that’s too high once you add in shipping.


What you really need to see is the list of all the cars they’ve sold in the past. It’s like the who’s who of obscure car marques. Scroll down through it and it just keeps delivering. Name something odd and it’s probably in there. Including my 80’s dream car, the Alfa GTV6.


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Good plan on the Monty. I love that dealer’s weird collection. I wonder if it’s a reflection of the owner’s taste or perhaps of what people who are buying used Rovers are bringing in to trade. Probably the former, but it’s fun to imagine a person arriving in a Chrysler TC by Maserati and leaving in an old Disco…

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Hahaha, it’s gotta be a matter of taste. Nobody could just coincidentally end up with every single iteration of the Studebaker Avanti.

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Well, look what just popped up here. Maybe a little over the top, but it sure looks nice and the price seems right.


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Ooh – I like that one. Carfax is showing evidence of near obsessive maintenance, mostly at Benz dealerships. The sideswipe noted there is not great, but it’s not likely to have caused anything other than purely cosmetic damage. Also the color isn’t black as noted in the listing but Black Opal Metallic (#189) which is a rich blue-green that varies in different types of light. Very cool.

I’m sure you could take off those superfluous bits pretty easily. I must admit that I kinda like those non stock wheels though…



FYI, I spotted this solid looking ML55 on BaT in your neck of the woods…

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That’s a nice one, just a few minutes away too.

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Merry Christmas @GrindingGears!

This Monty just popped up for sale and looks like a promising example:

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Thanks man, merry Christmas to you too.

Looks like you found one of three people who kept their Monty clean.

And whenever I see cars parked on NY streets it makes me think of Seinfeld.

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Found this one on craigslist. High price for the miles (ones like it are like 3 grand) and the wheels and rack are not my style, figured if the body was super clean it would be worth it. Texted the guy who turned out to be a major knob. When I asked if it had rust he said yes then got really mad when I told him it wasn’t worth what he was asking.

If your car isn’t super clean, then don’t say it’s super clean. May the search go on.


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Thanks for the update. I think these searches are usually 50% about finding a good car and 50% about finding a good seller. Sounds like this one was a dud on both fronts. Oh well. The search is also at least half the fun!



How about this one?



It’s nice, but west coast is a bit of a hike. 500 to 700 miles is probably as far as I’d want to go.

Unless I’m going to wait till summer, then I’ll have time to fly and drive, if not I’ll have it shipped like I did my Scion.

Thinking of this unless something else pops up soon.


Also found a decent 100 series as the LX470 nearby. Cheap for one of these, might be flaky. I’d rather have the Monty, but these are nice trucks. Has Mark Levinson sound and the 5 speed auto.


Getting impatient cause I need to lay up my other car to do the clutch and trans work.



Nice – those both look like good options, though I have to say that I am particularly partial to the Monty in Amazon Green!

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Agree, the color stands out. Looks clean underneath too and it’s got expensive tires which is usually a good sign that it was taken care of. Just wish it had a carfax.

I remember finding outfits that will go over the whole car for you, test drive and all. Takes the romance out of it, but my search would be over.

That or I can wait until spring break. East coast wouldn’t be a long ride.



It’s another West Coast Monty, but this one looks ultra clean…

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That is really nice and I love the pearl white two tone, makes it look so anti sport package like all the modern cars with their dark wheels.

At this point I’m going to ride it out a bit, with the market tanking as it’s been we might be in for a summer of cheap cars. Maybe I’ll get myself into a nice Land Cruiser or GX470 for a great price.

That is, if we can actually leave the house to go buy one.

Hope you’re doing alright amidst all this craziness. I still have money, but it looks like both my summer jobs will end up dust in the corona wind. And I’ll be homeschooling my kids as well.

What a different world it was a month ago.

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