WTB Clean 2001-2006 Mitsubishi Montero

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That’s it, looking for a really nice Monty. It’s a nice mid-size, 4x4, SUV that, while a unibody with fully independent suspension, it’s not built on crossover built on a FWD car chassis. Comes with a shiftable 5 speed auto, and 4 mode transfer case that lets you run in 2WD, AWD, 4WD, and 4WD low range. I looked into Sequoias, Armadas, etc, but eh. The GX Lexus is nice, but they’re much more expensive, and everyone has one. The Monty is different while still being a real 4x4. It’s like a Land Cruiser, but much more affordable. The problem with that lies that they tend to end up in the hands of cheap owners that don’t take care of them, so finding an old used model in good shape is a bit of a challenge.

Like most Japanese cars, options aren’t really a thing. It has a Limited package available that included most everything. There was a DVD entertainment package that mounted an obviously dated fold-down screen to the interior roof in place of a giant sunroof. Those I’d skip right over those as the giant sunroof is a must.

Otherwise, they’re all 4 wheel drive and have the same engines. The 01-02 had a 3.5L V6 and the rest got a 3.8. Not looking for the XLS trim on the 01-02 models as they had a standard transfer case and 4 speed automatic. I’m looking at the limited models or the 03 XLS which got the same 5 speed trans and transfer case as the limited.

Would like to avoid Beige. Two-tone white and the straight blue are preferred. Around 100k or less, one owner type trucks. Emphasis on clean, I’ll take higher miles on a well-taken care of example.

I’ve covered Autotrader, Car Gurus, and some local craigslist. Not sure of other sources to scour. I’m in WI, but would travel for a really, really nice one. Prices tend to run from 5 to 7k, the latter being like the perfect example. (Compared to Land Cruisers where clean 100 series trucks with the 5 speed automatic are going for $15-20k!) Dealer or Private party is ok.

They can get rusty. Usually, it’s seen in the rear wheel wells with the back door open. It doesn’t tend to get into the body that much, but it can affect rear A/C lines and the fuel tank. In this regard, they hold up a whole lot better than the comparable 05-12 Nissan Pathfinder.

I want a vehicle to haul something occasionally, fit a bunch of people in, tackle poorly maintained infrastructure in comfort, and most importantly go bombing around in the snow with. While the Land Cruiser is king in this regard, I’m not taking a loan out on a 15+year-old truck. I can pay cash for a Montero.

And I don’t need to buy one this week, just asking fellow classified browsers to keep an eye out. This one is a bit of a challenge. Thanks!

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I wasn’t really aware of these, but what a cool rig!

Here’s the best one I could find in a quick craigslist scan. It’s in Maryland, so a bit of a trek. Also, it’s silver rather than white or blue. The seller seems pretty knowledgeable about them, which probably accounts for the high-ish asking price ($9900)…

There’s also this 82k mile example in the Vegas area, which is white with charcoal trim and a lot of upgrades. However, the asking price is a bit precious at $13,500…

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Thanks, I found a 35k mile one in New Jersey that sold in two days. They were asking $13,000. I like these, just not that much. I’d spend 7 or 8, but I’m starting to consider a W163 ML55 AMG. Mitsubishi made a Pajero (as its known elsewhere) Evo Homologation special that raced in Dakar, but it was never sold here.

The ML55 is basically like a V8 version of that, plus 2 more doors. The W163 was actually raced in Dakar as well.

But it didn’t beat Mitsubishi. The Montero/Pajero is the winningest vehicle in Dakar history with 12 titles.

You’ll have to excuse me, but I grew up in a rural area so the idea of driving batshit fast across rough terrain is something I hold in high regard.

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And that second one you put up was nice, but what’s with people and shitty truck wheels? I’d promptly take those things to the recyclers and put on something like this.

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Love the ML55 idea. Such an incredible value right now, and the AMG tuned M113 V8 is one of the most durable engines to come out of Affalterbach. I’d love to pick one up as a comfy get-to-any-trailhead workhorse (which is currently relegated to the old Volvo wagon). But I’m already one short on parking.

I’ll keep an eye out for anything that looks promising…



Here’s a really clean ML in SoCal with a long dealer service history (through 2014 / 74k miles), though a bit expensive…


This one’s a lot closer and more reasonably priced but not quite as pristine. Also on the plus side, it’s a really unusual color, which is apparently called Bourbon Metallic…


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Still looking. Found a nice Monty in south Chicago, but never got a call back.

Found a really rough ML55 down there too.

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Thanks for the update!

Here’s a super nice ML55 that’s far away and too expensive:


BUT it might not be a terrible idea to touch base with the seller and see if perhaps they’re open to a more realistic offer. If not now, then perhaps they will be after sitting on it another few weeks…

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Whoa, that one is crispy clean.

What do you think a good price is? I’m thinking maybe like 9 or 10k at the most for one like that since dealerships are selling passable examples for like 5 to 6 thou. Hard to gauge them since you don’t see many for sale.

7 or 8 is more my wheelhouse, but I might cut the mattress open for a clean AMG.

Even if I don’t, next spring I’m cleaning house, selling old motorcycles and might get my hand built M113 fix with a W208 CLK55 convertible. Can’t ride bikes with the family, might as well get something we can all enjoy.

Did a convertible test run last weekend and drove my friends 328 E36 manual with his Dad’s CLK320 back to back, dug the BMW, but kinda tame. Smooth engine, but long gears and long throws for the shifter. Unsurprisingly the chassis shows it’s more of a drivers car than the W208, but he lives in woods with winding roads everywhere, I live in suburbia where everything is straight with lots of 4 to 6 laners. I think I’d sacrifice the stick and chassis in order to power around a nice V8. A similar vintage M3 could be a thing, but they’re kind of finicky and expensive compared to the CLK55. You are certainly correct about that V8. Nobody ever seems to be getting into those motors for anything or the transmissions even. Only thing I’ve ever see done on ads is having the valve cover gaskets changed.

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Yeah, I think that one’s probably worth about $9000, maybe $9500. That’s really top dollar for one of these, so it might be possible to pick it up for even less (if the seller is reasonable).

These Benz V8s make such nice cruisers. Definitely not up to BMW standards in the corners, but I find them more relaxing to drive on a regular basis – they’re happy to go slow or fast, whereas the BMW is always egging you on.

Another sleeper is the CLK430 – no slouch of an engine and about half the price of a CLK55.

But if you have to have the AMG motor (which is understandable) the ML55 is the best overall value, I think.



I think the AMG chassis would probably drive a bit better overall, as the 320 was pretty soft. I would give it up for a 430 with the designo expresso package. Something different than the typical black/silver paint, and the brown leather seats are awesome.

Rare as can be, but understandable as that type of interior was way ahead of it’s time. Today you can get a pickup truck with brown seats, but in 2001?



I love those designo interiors – especially the weird ones like this R129…


BTW, here’s a prior generation Montero with just 61k miles, in case that’s of any interest…



Not a designo edition, but this CLK430 checks a lot of other boxes: just 41k miles, a cool exterior color (Quartz Blue), and a reasonable price. Plus (according to the seller) it’s been “excessively maintained,” which seems probable considering it’s wearing brand new Michelin Pilot Sports…



That Monty SR is really nice. The SR is the one with the off road package with the air lockers and skid plates etc. The gauges so 80’s for a 90’s car. Wants some serious cheese for it though.

As for a CLK I’m actually looking for a convertible, but that blue is slick.

Found a 3rd gen Monty on ebay at this place. Everything looks like a really clean example, but the paint tells another story. Especially on the back door and tire cover. I’m going to see if they’ll move on the price, otherwise that’s too high once you add in shipping.


What you really need to see is the list of all the cars they’ve sold in the past. It’s like the who’s who of obscure car marques. Scroll down through it and it just keeps delivering. Name something odd and it’s probably in there. Including my 80’s dream car, the Alfa GTV6.


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Good plan on the Monty. I love that dealer’s weird collection. I wonder if it’s a reflection of the owner’s taste or perhaps of what people who are buying used Rovers are bringing in to trade. Probably the former, but it’s fun to imagine a person arriving in a Chrysler TC by Maserati and leaving in an old Disco…

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Hahaha, it’s gotta be a matter of taste. Nobody could just coincidentally end up with every single iteration of the Studebaker Avanti.

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Well, look what just popped up here. Maybe a little over the top, but it sure looks nice and the price seems right.


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Ooh – I like that one. Carfax is showing evidence of near obsessive maintenance, mostly at Benz dealerships. The sideswipe noted there is not great, but it’s not likely to have caused anything other than purely cosmetic damage. Also the color isn’t black as noted in the listing but Black Opal Metallic (#189) which is a rich blue-green that varies in different types of light. Very cool.

I’m sure you could take off those superfluous bits pretty easily. I must admit that I kinda like those non stock wheels though…



FYI, I spotted this solid looking ML55 on BaT in your neck of the woods…

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That’s a nice one, just a few minutes away too.

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