Wanted: VW Sportwagen TDI Diesel (less than 70k miles) from 2010-2015


looking for low mileage vw sportwagen’s tdi (diesel), from 2010 - 2015


I did a quick search, and it seems that these are pretty plentiful right now in the marketplace – particularly 2015 models, which are coming off lease. To narrow things down a little, could you share your general location?

Also, the model underwent some big changes for 2015, with a complete styling redo plus a bit more power and less weight for better overall performance. But of course that means the 2015 models generally sell for a premium over the earlier cars. Any preference for one vs. the other?

And do you prefer a manual gearbox or an automatic? The automatic in these is VW’s excellent 6-speed dual-clutch DSG, so there’s no real penalty in the fun department. But of course it’s always nice to have a manual when you can get one.

Let us know your preferences on the above, and we can start looking for specific listings for you…