Wanted a low mileage (50K or below) 2011/12 Veracruz or another very safe reliable heavy SUV


I’m looking for a low mileage Veracruz limited or GLS w/leather seats if possible. I’m located in the Syracuse area but will buy one from anywhere. My preferred car is a car with 30,000 miles on it and leather seated Limited available in NY for around 11-13K (slightly higher or lower, depending). My choice of Veracruz is because you get more car for your $$. This amount should buy a decent one. Do you have one you are selling?


I certainly don’t want to dissuade you from a Veracruz, which is a fine SUV, but with older cars I find that it’s usually best to have a few different models in mind while you’re looking and then to buy the very best one you can find for a reasonable price. Narrowing your search to a single model cuts down on the available inventory, and so you can’t be quite as choosy – and/or you have to open up your search radius, which means traveling and/or shipping the car, adding to the acquisition cost.

For instance, here’s an unusually clean Toyota RAV4 with just 30k miles for $10,000, which is actually a little high since it’s a 2005 model. I would think something closer to $8500 would be fair.


VIN: JTEGD20V650076125