Vintage Review of 1990 r129 by Motor Week


Here is an interesting review by Motor Week ----

Pay special attention to the last sentence in the video where the reviewer ponders ---- " It may end up the greatest SL of all time."

Then compare this to its designer’s ( Bruno Sacco ) philosophy concerning Mercedes ----
"“It sometimes happens that a project is elected on the basis of a precise, planned obsolescence of the product to ensure future demand for new models. This is particularly noticeable when new models are so different from those of the preceding generation that the latter seem antiquated and obsolete. This method is termed “styling,” a term that arouses a certain aversion among our designers and has never been utilized at Daimler-Benz Our models have stylistic similitudes (horizontal homogeneity) and follow an evolutionary line constant with the models of the previous generation (vertical affinity). This makes it possible to recognize immediately any new creation from Mercedes-Benz.”

Experience has taught us that forms that are too trendy and flamboyant are consumed more rapidly than those that purposely avoid special effects. Of course every form tends to exhaust itself aesthetically sooner or later. Design can help accelerate this process. By artfully programming product obsolescence, in fact, it is possible to ensure a frequent demand for new models over a long period. I object to this system of product manipulation. I therefore believe that since this tactic is not in the Mercedes style, nor should it ever be, each model has a certain potential to later became a classic.”

I believe that "certain potential " has been realized.

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Fun look back at what folks thought about these cars when they were released. They really are an incredible advancement in all respects from the R107.

And I think that’s the first time I’ve seen anyone do a burnout in a 500SL!