The Best Way to Sell Your Car: Trade In vs. Carmax vs. Craigslist


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Selling a used car can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. Used cars are more popular than ever. Americans bought about 40,000,000 used vehicles last year, and according to the Wall Street Journal used cars values are on the rise. This increased demand has also expanded the options when it’s time to sell…



I commend you on great and well articulated article. I recently sold a car and had a very positive experience selling it to Carvana.

I tried the usual routes and forums for selling my wife’s car and it was sadly an unsuccessful process. Then I looked at what the local dealers would offer and was disappointed at the numbers. Then I was told to try Carvana. I was pleasantly surprised at the quick online process. I got a good offer from them which I tried to leverage while selling it locally but didn’t succeed in the 1 week timeframe. In the end, I sold it to them, but they made the process so painless, it was ultimately worth it. Here in Texas, you can apply the trade towards taxes, but Carvana didn’t have the car we were looking for. Nonetheless, In my experience it was a worthwhile try.

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Glad to hear you had a good experience with Carvana. It seems like they’ve taken a page from Carmax but made it even easier by enabling you to do everything from home. Very cool.

One thing not mentioned in the article is that Carmax, Carvana, etc. tend to prefer used cars that are somewhat newer – i.e. not much more than about 6-7 years old. They will still buy older cars, but their offers will typically be pretty low.

And of course if you have a classic or rare model, then Bring a Trailer is an excellent place to sell it. Buyers there regularly pay top dollar (and more!) for well-presented examples.