SL 500 --- A Lot of Money?


Here is a SL500 with 35,000 miles for $34,900. I know the SL500 is a lot of car, but this is a lot of money for one!

The seller uses some very imaginative descriptions ----

" fashionable land rocket "
" 20th century Teutonic luxury"
" rococo aesthetic AMG"
" perfect analog convertible "
" old world craft with new age pizzazz"
" Swiss Army knife of world-class motoring"
" magnificent magma"
" awesome athletics"
" laudable luxury"

You have to give him credit — throwing everything in there to justify the price.

Is it worth the price ---- I don’t know.

Here is a sampling of similar cars in Central Florida.

2000 Sl500 for $7900

2000 Designo Edition with 73,000 miles for $10,900image

1999 Sl500 with 58,000 miles for $10,900

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Haha – even with all of those “ten dollar words” the asking price is still way too high. : )

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