Saab 9000 Aero turbo $3300 El Cajon, CA

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This one is a bit of a head-scratcher. Seller lists it as a 1994 but it has the older lights, bumper and trim of the earlier ~'91/'92 model. If it checks out, really cool turbo Saab with a manual and priced very well. It’s a Swedish collectable.


“Saab 9000 Aero ,Rare 1994 230 hp 2.3 4 cyl turbo, 5sp manual transmission, Bilstien suspension, new tires 94000 original miles,perfect car for performance sports car enthusiast or Saab collector.
$3300 obo”

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Here’s an old Motor Week review:



Nice find. It looks amazingly clean for a $3300 ask, and I love the color as well as the wheels.

These are really amazing cars for their day, with a great balance of speed, agility, economy, and utility that makes them sort of like a quirkier, nicer GTI.

Somebody should go check it out!

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I love those things, but John Davis just said that you can’t turn off the traction control…

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Haha – so no front-wheel burnouts I guess. : )



No worries, there’s a relatively easy hack to disable traction control and still have everything else function properly:

Seller also updated the info in the listing. It is indeed a 1992 Turbo (not Aero) and lowered the price as well.

So which one of us is buying this? :grin:



Spoke to the seller James. Seems to be a good guy on the legit side trying to sell it due to a lack of storage. Relative bought it in 2000 and he inherited it in 2014. Not driven regularly and is on non-op reg but car runs wells, but has a cracked dash and needs the headliner recovered. Otherwise, still in really good condition for its age. He wants to see it go to a good home. I hope that happens.

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Yeah, not too surprising as those are pretty standard “old Saab” issues. Otherwise, sounds like it’s a really solid car – especially for $3000!

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I could be the coolest guy in the “dropping my kids off at school” line in the morning for just 3 stacks!

Seriously, this thing is probably my favorite Saab, especially with that 4 bucket Recaro interior. Best color too.

Good thing it’s on the other side of the country…