Remember these? 1991 Peugeot 405 Mi16 Twin-Cam 16 valve $5300

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We had so many more cool cars back in the early 90’s or perhaps it’s just my nostalgia for that era.

A very rare Peugeot 405 Mi16. Looks like it was very well cared for with a binder full of receipts and records. Owner even made a custom cover for the binder. That’s a real sign of an enthusiast. 206k miles and still going. Hope it goes to a good home.


1991 405 Mi16 Just Smogged 2/7 and ready to roll! Best Offers Welcome! Gotta Sell To Make Room!

This is a 16v twin cam sport sedan with a really great revving motor, power windows, 5 speed and leather seating. I can only say she is French, and knows how to make the most of it! Nice dark green / metallic, almost black in some lighting. Interior is really nice, no major damages.

The previous owners have compiled literally the biggest collection of invoices and receipts I have personally witnessed for any reason never the less for a car, and each item is carefully documented. I do mean EVERYTHING. To see this documentation is a true wonder.

Now about the driving:

Full power, runs, drives exceptionally and pull very strong, very charming car that people always stop and ask about. It’s a sporty driver, but also comfortable for your long drives or even trips to your shopping destinations. I drive it and fires up each time, ready to go. You are welcome to drive it, take it for an inspection or whatever you want, I think you’ll find only good news.


Timing belt 2/1/18

Has small dings and imperfections around the body but is in exceptional condition regardless. Brakes DO squeak, despite having put new pads, purely annoying but the car stops very well. It’s intermittent and likely nothing epic. AC needs a recharge, but all parts are 100% in tact. You could pick the flaws apart but the car is a well loved driver that is likely the best 405 16v in the USA, not to mention maybe anywhere at this point in history???

Anyways, if you want a 405 Mi16 and know what you’re looking for I would like this car to go to a new home as soon as possible as I am currently dealing with a few cars and cannot really justify and dedicate time to enjoying the 405 as much as it deserves.

Let’s make a fair deal that will make us both happy, I’m 100% upfront about this car, I think you’ll see for yourself once you see it and meet me. I am just trying to pass this onto a new home for a lover of this model.


Very cool car. I don’t think I’ve seen one on the road in years. A friend bought one new the final year they were offered in the US, I believe at a substantial discount due to that fact. It was a blast to drive