Reliable cheap-ish car wanted - Triangle Area NC

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Looking for a good mpg automatic midsize sedan or suv, preferably a Toyota or Honda for up to $5000 in the NC Triangle Area. No more than 150K on the dash. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey there. I did a quick search on craigslist, and this 2005 Camry with 129k miles seems like the closest fit at the moment:

From the vehicle history report, it’s a local car without any reported accidents or damage.

The asking price of $5000 is 10% higher than KBB’s estimate, so I think there’s some room for negotiating that down to the $4000 to $4500 range (assuming it doesn’t have any undisclosed mechanical problems).

If this looks like what you’re after, I’d suggest checking it out in person, and then (if you still like it) getting it inspected by a local Toyota mechanic, just to make sure there aren’t any hidden issues.

Hope that helps!



Thanks! i will check it out and i appreciate the helpful suggestions!

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