Low mileage 2001 MB E320

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Looks clean…is this a good year for these?


Yes, a great year and low miles. Hard to go wrong with that!


This is one of the best years of the W210 generation E-Class that you can buy, and also it appears to be an outstanding example. The model was significantly refreshed for the 2000 model year, so this one has all of those upgrades. It’s also equipped with the M112 V6, paired with the 722.6 5-speed automatic, which is one of the better powertrains you can find in a new-ish Benz. Reasonable power and fuel economy. Excellent refinement and longevity.

Make sure that the transmission has been serviced (or have that done soon if you decide to buy it). These are known to fail if the fluid isn’t changed every 50k miles or so.

Rust Belt cars have shown weakness where the front springs attach to the fenders, but this is a Nevada and California car, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

The price seems pretty fair, too, assuming there are no major issues.

Tons of car for $6000.

VIN: WDBJF65J01B238751