Lovely W123 Turbodiesel from Original Owner

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Check out this sublime-looking 300D in the classic MB color combo of Light Ivory on (what sounds like) rare Sienna MB-tex (“dark red” according to the seller). Alas, only one photo is available: This example sports its original California plates — always good sign. While the $13,000 ask is pretty steep, the good folks at Mercedes Motoring could probably…


Light Ivory is one of the most common W123 exterior colors but is typically paired with a light interior color like Palomino that kind of kills the look because it’s too bland overall.

In my opinion, it works best with a contrasting interior like this example from Mercedes Motoring…


Great looking color!


It seems that our friends at Mercedes Motoring took our advice on this one and picked up this excellent 300D. You can check its restoration progress on their coming soon page (currently the third car down the list)…