Looking for used SUV near Orlando FL


I am in a pickle. My head gasket blew on my 2008 Toyota Camry with 110k miles on it. I checked with couple of mechanics only only hear this can’t be done by them or cannot give guarantee that it will work fine after repair.

So I need two suggestions -

  1. Best way to sell this car
  2. Also as I need car for work I am looking for an used car nearby Orlando ( pref SUV as my family has grown since my last car).




You might be able to trade it in, car sales have been down for a while, the ball has moved into the buyers court.

But usually a head gasket repair can be done, the cylinder head will sometimes need to be resurfaced on the bottom. The damage all depends on how hot the engine got. If you run a hot engine for a while stuff starts to warp and metals inside get damaged, then it won’t run well after being repaired. If it just started leaking without any significant overheating, then it will most likely just need a gasket.

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Hi @Sam531 – excellent advice from @GrindingGears above. Also, if you did want to sell the car rather than fix it, you could advertise it as a “mechanic’s special” on craigslist and then discount the price. A reasonable discount would be approximately the cost of the diagnosed repair, plus a bit more to account for the new owner having to take on the uncertainty and inconvenience of getting it fixed.