Looking for Toyota Tundra, 2009-12, low miles, 4wd, no rust

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prefer 5.7L &/or long bed. Will pay KBB value. I’m east coast, willing to go almost anywhere in the east.


Wow – these are tough to find! I did a pretty thorough search and found a few that look good, but I had to go beyond the East Coast…

2011 extended cab with 53k miles for $21,500 in Dallas

2012 crew cab with 59k miles for $28,900 in Las Vegas

2012 extended cab with 23k miles for $29,500 in Southern California

There’s also this one in Florida, but I’m a little skeptical because of the bad aftermarket wheels and also the fact that it’s listed as a private party sale but appears to be at a dealership:

2011 crew cab with 61k miles for $25,700 in Fort Lauderdale

Of all these, the Dallas-area truck seems like the best example for the best price.


Wow! Far, but thanks for looking. Maybe one is worth travelling for. I’ll look into them.


On thing I forgot to mention is that I limited my search to private party listings. If you open it up to dealerships, there’s a lot more out there. Here’s a search link:

It generally costs about 10% more to buy from a dealership, but if it prevents you from a long distance trip and/or shipping the vehicle, it could be worth it.


thanks again, I’ll check into them!


No problem. Let us know how it goes!