Looking for reliable used vehicle in Dallas, Tx


I am in search of a reliable used vehicle in the Dallas, Tx area. I’m not looking for any particular make or model, only one that isn’t European as I don’t want parts to be an issue later on. I would also need one that allows for cheaper regular payments to be made instead of paying all at once.


Hey there. If you’re going to be borrowing money for the purchase, I would suggest visiting a local credit union as a first step to get pre-approved for a used car loan. Try to find an option that will allow for a purchase via a private seller since that will save you about 20% or more vs. buying from a dealership. (Here’s a related article with more details: Skip the Dealership – Buy Your Next Car from a Private Owner)

Once you’ve got the loan approval, then let us know approximately what your price range is going to be, and we can start looking for good options in that range.


Not looking to take out a loan.


Okay. I guess I misunderstood the part in your original post where you mentioned making payments instead of paying all at once.