Is a VW TDI a great buy right now?

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In the Mk6 VW Golf buying guide, Klipnik doesn’t recommend the TDI models due to post-Dieselgate uncertainty. But I’m starting to re-think that stance.

For one thing, if you are looking for a nice Mk6 Golf right now, you’ll find the listings practically crowded with low-mile TDI models in near-showroom condition. Many of them seem to be coming back into the marketplace after being bought-back by the manufacturer and fixed.

Because there are so many out there, and also likely because of people’s fears of further Dieselgate-related problems (and perhaps also the stigma of owning a “dirty” TDI model), the prices on these cars are easily one-third less than I would otherwise expect.

They’re usually cheaper even than the base 2.5 variant, which is a great car but far less well-equipped than the TDI, which came basically fully loaded, including premium wheels as well as a more sporting suspension setup (which is why, when new, a TDI would typically be at least $5000 more than a 2.5).

And the post-Dieselgate fears seem to be unfounded. Two major outlets have tested the cars pre- and post-fix and found the impacts negligible:

Furthermore, as a part of reparations for the scandal, VW is providing owners of these cars with an extended warranty (10 years / 120k miles) on all related fuel and emissions components. So if there were a problem down the line, you’d likely be covered.

Putting all of this together – great car, lots of supply, low prices – it seems to signal a great buying opportunity. But I’m curious what other people think. Please share your thoughts below.