I need a reliable, fuel efficient, luxury car


Just found this community and am grateful for the advice shared so far.
My daughter is turning 16 and getting my hand me down 2010 volvo s80 with 165k miles so I am now in the market for a new used car.
I have a pretty long (>1hr) commute each way so I need something comfortable, reliable and willing to upgrade to a luxury class. I have looked at the Avalon, A6, Genesis and Lexus ES and GS. However, I want to buy from a private seller and really dont see those available on the searchable sites. I am willing to pay up to 25k but having trouble finding which model years to avoid. Typically I buy cars that are 3-5 yrs old but I am a bit overwhelmed now and just looking for some guidance.
Thanks for any advice in advance.

Oh, I am in the Richmond, VA area.



Hi there. Welcome to the community! I did a little digging today and, as you noted, found the pickings a little slim for private party examples that would match your criteria. The closest thing I found was what looks to be a very nice Mercedes E-Class sedan:


As a 2012 model, it’s a little older than you would typically purchase, but it has just 24,000 miles and is from a reliable year for the car. The asking price is $20,000, which is probably about 10% on the high side. My guess is that you could get it for closer to $18,000 if the seller is being realistic.

I also saw that there’s a highly-rated Mercedes mechanic in your area, too, which would help to keep the running costs in check should you decide to go in that direction or if you wanted to do a pre-purchase inspection: https://www.yelp.com/biz/world-foreign-car-richmond

On more general note, I’ve found that the lion’s share of 3 to 5 year-old cars are offered by dealerships. I think it’s because most sellers of these cars have leased them or have a large amount financed, so they tend to trade them in rather than selling them privately.


Thanks Mark!
I think I will take a look at the one you posted and also expand my search to the dealerships.
Thanks again


Sounds good. It looks like there are a good number of Avalons and ES 350s available at nearby dealerships: link to Autotrader search.

The ES 350 seems to be about $4000 more than a comparable Avalon. I’d suggest driving both to see if the ES is worth the extra spend. (If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the car every day, it may well be.)

Most of the listings are 2015 models, which are likely coming off lease. Check the Carfax report of any car you’re interested in to make sure it’s not been in an accident and also to see that it’s been serviced properly.

Best of luck, and feel free to post any additional questions that come up along the way!


Because of your commute and the miles you add, may I suggest a CPO Mercedes C or E class that comes with an unlimited mileage warranty. The one year unlimited warranty can be extended 2 years.


Thanks. Will plan on taking both on a test drive his weekend to see if there is a 4k difference in the ride and seats.
Thanks for all of your help.


Thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t know about the unlimited mileage warranty with MB CPO cars. I had some concerns about the maintenance and reliability of those but will look into it further.