Ford Mustang coupe


Looking for a Ford Mustang coupe. From 2001 -2017
6 or 8 cylinder. Bullitt on top of the list if one is available.


Hi lou. Do you have a rough price range in mind? Also are you doing a nationwide search or is there a particular area that you’re targeting?


Hi Mark, Thank you for asking. It depends on the year of the car. I guess,any price up to $22,000. Looking for 2001 to 2017. Mustang Bullitt is on top of the list.
Best regards, Lou


Mark, Nation wide if its for a Mustang Bullitt or Mustang Shelby. All other coups I rather keep within 175 miles of the Shelton CT. area.


Hi, Lou. I found a couple of very nice looking Bullitt examples in your general region: