Exotic Car on a Budget: 2011 Lotus Evora V6 6 speed Manual, $35,999

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Look like a million bucks for $36k. Still looks great after 8 years, relatively rare and exclusive.
Miles at 60k are “high” for a near exotic sports car but it does have a Toyota Camry 3.5 V6 so I’m sure it has plenty more left in it.

One of the cheapest Evora on the market at the moment. Brake rotors do look grooved and worn. Wonder how much those cost?


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EDIT 2 - A lot of people really (really) want the car (- and I don’t blame you) but don’t have the funds to purchase it, please come with the funding first, then we can negotiate price after you’ve looked at the car and have made a decision to purchase it. If the price is the most important thing about the car to you, then this is not the car for you. Thank you.

Never thought about this, but I suppose a car like this is going to get a lot of attention when driving it, so it will get a similar amount when you sell it.

At least the seller is classy about it. Unlike the common craigslist text of “No tire kickers! Cash is king! No Joyrides! Don’t sit in it! Drive only with cash in hand! I don’t want your trades! I’m angry and hate my life!”

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Looks like OEM brakes are about $300 per rotor. Ouch.



If those are the original brakes at 60k miles that’s not too bad. It’s a light car with big brakes so it’s a good chance they were never changed. I’d imagine these sorts of brakes on some big body sedan would be something that would need more frequent attention.

Also (if true) shows that the car wasn’t driven by some brake slamming tailgater. Aggressive driver cars usually have two things that show up, lots of brake replacements in the service history and paint a heavily chipped front end and windshield chips or replacements due to following too close and catching the debris thrown from the tires of the car in front of them.

Everything is going to get some stone chips, especially if you use the freeway a lot, but you can tell when it’s more than average. Recently a friend brought me a TLX he was interested in and the thing looked like it was driven into a sandblaster. With 18k miles on it!

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Good point. A thousand bucks for brakes every 5 years or so isn’t bad, especially for an “exotic” sports car. I’m sure tires would be a much greater maintenance expense. And with a Toyota powerplant, that leaves not much else to break or wear out, so it’s going to be a lot cheaper to maintain than anything else in the category.