Every option 2011 BMW 760LI


OK, the mileage is right at the level where I start to get nervous, but this looks too nice not to end up in good hands. I would hate to see this thing rolling around on low profile 22’s and covered in carbon fiber add-ons.



Wow – that’s quite the depreciation story. The car looks almost new but is available at an 80% discount from MSRP. And at nearly 70k miles, it has cost its owners $2.30 per mile in depreciation alone.

The good news is that the curve for this car is starting to level off, so depreciation won’t be the top cost for its next owner. Most likely, maintenance and repairs will soon take that honor.

I don’t normally recommend buying extended warranties, but this seems like a case where it would be worth it. Sign up with a good plan, and then you can enjoy this marvelous machine relatively worry-free for less than the price of a crummy new Buick.

Some photos:


Very unique interior color.

Depreciation makes it a potentially great bargain if nothing breaks.

Second the extended warranty idea if available.