Collectible Original Hot Hatch: 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI MK1 89k Original Miles, $8000, Fremont CA

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Very nice MK1 VW GTI. Arguably the world’s first hot hatchback.

These have become extremely collectible especially when in good condition like this example. $8000 is not unreasonable to ask when nice ones are far and few in between.


"**** Please read the whole post, and then I’m happy to answer questions****

With much reservation, I’m putting out a feeler to see if there’s any interest in my MK1 GTI Rabbit.

Yes, this is a real GTI, not a Rabbit with GTI badging.

I had a whole project slated out for this car (had an R32 VR6 motor swap 100% ready to drop-in, but sold that entire swap to Tomas Sport Tuning in Berkeley). I put a hold on everything because of, well… life. Family, priorities, etc…

This may be one of the cleanest MK1 GTI’s you will come across. It has 89k original miles on the 1.8L 8v, which still runs like a beast. Starts up every time, even after sitting for weeks. Car has no drivetrain issues whatsoever (or any issues at all actually).

No rust that I can find or see. Car was painted a couple owners ago, but is holding up amazing as you can see. Looks pretty pristine except for RIGHT underneath the rain gutters where you can see it’s starting to slightly crack. It’s so hard to see, I actually didn’t even see it when I first bought the car. Superficial (i.e. not even rust, just old paint being old).

It has the full legit Euro round front-end conversion, with no side-marker fenders. Work was done by one of the previous owners, and this was one of the main reasons why I bought this car. Work is impeccable. Everything is 100% straight, with real metal small euro bumpers front and back with small front chin spoiler.

Steel chrome flag mirrors (I still have the original black adjustable mirrors I will include), and chrome grill trim (I still have the original red GTI grill trim).

Original Snowflakes w/like-new tires. Sport shocks and struts on stock springs.

Crystal clear round headlights (I have the “standard” rounds as well).

Motor is generally stock w/ the exception of an Autotech cam gear, and some pretty aggressive camshaft. I’m not quite sure what it is, but I’m fairly sure it has a very race-like profile because it pulls like a beast at higher speed vs stock. As such, it also needs throttle to idle on a cold motor, but idles fine once warm. (You can put a $50 stock camshaft back in which would lose quite a bit of that horsepower, but would make it idle smoother).

Also put a new fuel tank in to fix the typical fuel cut-out issue found on mk1’s. Should last the entire remaining life of the car.

Interior is absolutely gorgeous. Dash has zero cracks. Nardi steering wheel, original cloth seats front and back w/ no rips, tears or holes. Door cards, glass, handles, seatbelts, etc. etc. all amazing condition.

Weather seals and rubber trim have all recently been updated. Will last another few decades, no leaks,

Retrosound bluetooth head unit (they make stereos that look vintage).

I drive this to and from work just for fun once or twice a week. If you put a more tame camshaft in there, you could absolutely daily drive this thing as it is rock solid and dependable. Or leave it as is and rocket around town after a 60 second warm up.

You can buy this car and take a road trip across the country tomorrow. Or use it as the start of something awesome and new (like I was going to).

Suffice to say, I love this car. It’s probably the funnest, and most beautiful car I’ve ever owned. I literally get at least one compliment everytime I park somewhere (today it happened to be Walmart in San Jose). That being said, don’t bother low balling. “I’ll lost money on it” is a great reason to tell my wife to hold on to it forever. I’d much, much, rather keep it then let it go for cheap.

Registration paid up until July 2019. Clean Title, pink slip in hand.

Local and cash only. Email is the best way to contact me. If this post is up, the car is still available. "


Super cool. I am a huge fan of these styling on these, and it looks even better with the Euro lights and bumpers. Eight grand seems fair considering the condition and the work that’s gone into it.