Classic 1990 Toyota Camry 38000 Low LE V6 Original White Automatic

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38K original miles and V6 engine. Front bumper looks a bit wonky but overall condition is great.

Rare to see these 2nd generation Camrys much less in this fantastic condition and such few miles.

*Classic 1990 Toyota Camry V6 LE (see pics)
*Low Miles 38.000(see pics).
*White with original Blue interior.(see pics).
*Excellent Condition.
*Power windows 4.
*Chikd Safety door.
*Power door.
*Safety power .
*Fast change Power (see last pics).
*Glass front Lights (see pics).
*Second Owner.
*Contact for more information.
*Thank You.

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Excellent find. The seats appear to have been covered mostly (covers shown in some photos), so the upholstery is like new!



V6 ones are pretty rare, at least a lot more rare than the blue interior.