Cheap Cars with Great Engines


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While there are some excellent battery-powered vehicles like the new Chevrolet Bolt trickling into our garages, the good, old fashioned, oil pumping, octane swilling, internal combustion engine is still at the heart of the automotive experience. It has been ever since, some 130 years ago, Karl Benz bolted a one banger of his own design…


If the 2JZ strikes your fancy, there’s a clean SC300 on Bring a Trailer right now. Auction ends later today, and bidding is currently at $4000…


And here’s an M119-equipped E420 ending today. Current bidding at $3000…


Final price for the SC was $5301. Pretty well sold, actually, but still a great value. If you’re in the market, you should be able to find an even better example for the same money.