2017 Accord LX Ocala FL


I know this isn’t the typical challenge, but was looking for advice nevertheless. Visiting relatives in Ocala, FL and had several hours free. Was wondering about the following vehicles while keeping in mind that
1) The best market I can access at home has limited options (Charlotte, NC)
2) I’m limited to Ocala FL and am going home on Tuesday, Dec 26.

2017 Accord LX 9k ($18,500 + $900 dealer fee???)
2014 CRV EX-L 42k ($17,500 + $900 dealer fee??) 2 owner, damage reported to left rear, left bumper. Both cars passed visual inspection.

would appreciate help negotiating or finding a two to three year old honda (ideally under 20k)


Yes, Florida dealer fees are notoriously bad – probably the worst in the country. I would skip the dealership altogether and look for private party cars instead. That’ll save you about $2500 for the price range you’re considering (fees + dealer markup).

If you need to finance the purchase, you can still finance a used car through a bank, and usually at a better rate than the dealership will offer. Perhaps there’s a branch of your bank locally that you can work with.

In the meantime, I’ll take a look in the area and post anything promising that I see…


Okay, here are a few listings that seem to be worth a further look…

2016 Mazda6 with 19k miles for $17k

2015 Honda Accord with 52k miles for $13.5k

2012 Honda Civic with 59k miles for $9300

2016 Mazda3 with 18k miles for $19.9k

2014 Mazda3 with 19k miles for $16.5k