2014 Mercedes CLA250 - 23k miles $15,000 Monterey Park, CA

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The first generation CLA-Class didn’t exactly posses a lot of the renown Mercedes-Benz virtues such as impeccable build-quality and second to none comfort. The CLA 250 was cramped inside (especially in the rear), had hard plastics/cheap materials and was also the first front-wheel drive Mercedes offered in the US market. However, it did have some redeeming qualities. It was and still is, extremely stylish, fairly quick and had the lowest MSRP for a Mercedes (when new at the time), lowering the financial threshold for first time MB buyers.

With only 23k miles on the clock, a clean title and up to date maintenance, this CLA-250 is a steal at only $15,000.

I hope someone from here picks up this deal.

2014 Mercedes CLA250 ,bought it 2016 at Mercedes dealership as a preowned vehicle ,drove it school to home for years , only have 23000 miles , well taken care of, never had any accident ,clean title , just did maintenance at Mercedes dealer ,has paperwork to prove . school was over sale it was cheap as $15000 . if the AD is up ,it is available .don’t ask what is the lowest you take ,price is firm ,no less . 626-5517787 text message only .

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