2013 civic, 1 owner

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I’m looking for a 2011-3013 civic, for immediate purchase, in the SF bay area, 1 owner, <$8000


Hey there. Are you open to earlier years? The Civic redesign for 2011 but widely considered to be a notable downgrade in terms of build quality – a criticism wasn’t totally rectified until more recently. The good news is that you can likely get 2010 and earlier model years for less money and also end up driving a better car.

Here’s a 2009 model in the area that looks pretty good:


If you had any inkling to go more old school, there’s also this nice Prelude that was posted a few days ago…


The 2011 may still be fine in terms of materials and quality.

It definitely took a nose dive in both for the 2012 model year: https://blog.caranddriver.com/honda-hears-2012-civic-criticisms-mulls-fast-track-refresh/

I remember examining a 2012 when it was new and was appalled by how terrible everything looked and felt. The criticism was definitely deserved. Go see and test drive various years and judge for yourself. Its shortcomings may be forgivable as a used car especially if it’s a great deal.

You may have better luck finding a better deal if you look a little further outside your area, ie. Sacramento, etc…

Here are a few contenders:


Over your budget but prices are negotiable




More than one owner but low miles and under budget:




Thanks for the correction! Yes, the somewhat maligned 9th generation Civic began with the 2012 model year, so I would amend my remarks to say that you should focus on 2011 and older models. The 8th generation ran from 2006 to 2011, so that would be a good range of years to target.


Here’s one that’s a little farther out (Portland) but that looks quite nice with one owner and under 70k miles for $7250: https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/d/2007-honda-civic-ex/6517349060.html