2013-2015 volkswagon Tiguan SEL or R-Line


Looking for a white Tiguan SEL or R-line for my daughters 1st car. Would like to have beige interior with navigation, AWD, back-up camera, mileage 75k or lower. We are in Austin TX, but willing to travel to other states to pickup car. Price between $13k and $14.5k.


I did a search on Autotrader for those exact specs (link below), and there are currently only 19 matches for sale in the entire USA (perhaps a few more if you include those that aren’t cross-listed on craigslist, etc.):


Most have quite a bit less than 75k miles, and so they are closer to $20k.

But I did find this one with 63k miles for $15,200, which you could likely negotiate down into your price range:




The bad news is that it’s a few states over in Raleigh, NC. You might want to reach out to the dealership and see if they would ship it to you. An offer of $14,500 with shipping included could look pretty good to them.