2013-2015 Chevy Traverse Reliability

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I am in the market for a crossover SUV. I like the Chevy Traverse and have test driven a couple. My concern is I have been told that the earlier models (2009-2010) were plagued with multiple mechanical issues. My question is, have these issue been ironed out in the newer models (2013-2015)? What about its equivalents, GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave?



Hey PizzaMan. According to the following post, the engine was significantly updated for the 2014 model year:

This seems to bear out when you look at the sharp drop in reported complaints on the following site:

Based on that info, I would suggest sticking to 2014 or later model years for the Traverse.

The Acadia and Enclave have the same powertrain, so the same applies to them.

Nevertheless, when you find one that you like, I’d suggest having it check out by a GM specialist before buying and asking them about any potential trouble spots for the model.

One other thing to consider is springing for a 2016 model, which is the oldest that is still available with Chevy’s CPO warranty.



Thank You for those resources. That will greatly assist my search. A local mechanic gave me similar advise advise. Is it reasonable to expect these engines to go 200K+ miles (with proper maintenance, of course)?



Just did a little more research. Looks like the 3.6 LF3 is a Cadillac engine. 2009-17 Traverse use LLT engine.
Of course, wikipedia is not always reliable.



Good catch. I think the Wikipedia entry is right. I can’t find any other source indicating any powertrain changes to the LLT engine throughout the first generation of the Traverse (until the redesign in 2018).

From the reading I did, it sounded like most of the issues stem from overly long oil change intervals (from the factory), weak timing chains, and carbon buildup on the valves (exacerbated by direct injection). The latter two could considered maintenance items, thought they would be fairly costly to address.

Still, assuming you factor that cost in, I don’t see a reason why the engine wouldn’t last to 200k miles. In fact, I just did a search on Autotrader and found about 40 examples currently for sale with over 200k miles – and some with almost 300k miles!



Ended up getting 2015 Buick Enclave. We have had it for about two weeks now. Very satisfied so far.

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Great to hear! Please share some photos when you get a chance. :+1: