2012 Volkswagen Golf TDI - 42k miles - $11,500 - Phoenix, AZ

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I’m seeing a lot of VW TDI models coming onto the market these days, fresh off their factory “dieselgate” fixes, and they are incredible values. By all accounts I’ve found, the emissions updates do not affect the drivability of the cars and only slightly impact fuel economy (down very slightly); on the plus side, they include an extended emissions and fuel systems warranty on all affected cars.

This late Mk6 Golf example, for sale on craigslist HERE by what appears to be a small specialty dealer, is one of the cleanest I’ve seen, with a like-new appearance and just 42k miles. It’s also well-equipped with a sunroof, navigation, and the upgraded stereo. And Blue Graphite is the best color for these, IMHO.

Before “dieselgate,” these TDI models had insanely high resale values. An example like this one, which stickered for about $27,500 when new, would probably still be valued at nearly $20,000. But because of the confusion and negative sentiment surrounding these diesel models now, their values are almost 50% less. To me, that equates to an amazing buying opportunity.