2011 Honda Cr-V - 228,000 miles - $6,966 - Southaven, MS

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The dealer told me it was used to commute from Oxford Ms to Memphis Tn for work daily, a distance of about 70 (interstate) miles 1-way. Is the price fair for such a high-mileage vehicle? It is in very good condition otherwise. I do know anecdotes of people who have driven Hondas for hundreds of thousands of miles, but I don’t know if this would apply here. Thank you for any input.

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Hi there. I’d recommend getting a buyer’s inspection at an indy mechanic to see if there are any possible hidden issues. But if the car checks out, then that’s a fair price for a nice example with higher miles, and 2011 is generally a good year for the CR-V. My guess is that you could probably negotiate the price down much closer to $6000 without a whole lot of effort.

One other note: at this price point, you’re usually better off trying to buy from a private seller since they won’t be marking up the price to pay for overhead. Here’s a link to a related article with more info:




Here’s an interesting article from US News -----


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Mark, thank you for the insight and advice. I appreciate it very much. I am helping a family member find a car and they are reluctant to buy from a private party even though one can find the best deal that way.

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Sounds good. Please let us know how things turn out!