2009 Mercedes-Benz E550 - 59k miles - $12,000 - Escondido, CA

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This final year W211 sedan has a lot going for it: low miles, a two-owner SoCal history, as well as a clean Carfax report with regular dealer services. But probably the very best thing about it is the lovely 5.5 liter, 382 hp, 32-valve, naturally-aspirated V8 – which is, in fact, the last big naturally-aspirated V8 to come from Stuttgart (everything after it is turbo-charged).

The M273 engine has a bit of a bad reputation thanks to an issue with defective idler gears during the first two years of production. This even resulted in a class-action lawsuit against the company. However, by the 2009 model year the issue had been resolved, so this car is unaffected.

Wrapped in the W211’s classic styling, it’s quite the package, especially for not much more than ten grand. If you’re looking for a comfortable, understated, and powerful daily driver that will never go out of style, this would be a great choice.

It’s offered HERE by a small speciality dealership in the San Diego area for $11,995, which is probably a touch on the high side. I’d say $10,500 would be well bought.

VIN: WDBUF72X09B391136