2009 Lexus GX470 - 48k miles - $17,500 - Campbell, CA

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This first-gen GX is a whole lot of SUV for less than twenty grand. It’s basically a 4Runner in Lexus guise (plus a few extra inches of headroom), so it’s as tough as one of the best Toyota rigs out there but comfy as an LS on the inside.

This example has about half the miles as you’d expect for the year, and has been dealer serviced all of its life in the Silicon Valley. In short, it checks pretty much all of the boxes for a nice mid-size SUV.

Offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Bay Area for $17,500, which is a good price for such a nice specimen.

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2009 Lexus GX470 - 54k miles - $17,200 - Morgan Hill, CA

And it looks like it’s already sold. That was quick. And a good buy, I think.



Very good buy, I’ve been looking at these and most of them are $10-15k for older ones with well over 100k miles. I’m not interested in spending quite this much, but had I seen it before it sold I may have.

But I’m certainly not buying an old one with a worn interior and outdated electronics for over 10 grand.

You can buy yourself a whole lot of car for the price of these used Toyota 4x4s. I know they’re great trucks, but the price doesn’t make sense unless you really love the things.

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Really hard to find one with low mileage.

Here are a few alternatives:


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Yes, super hard to find with low miles. I think a lot of these Japanese cars are owned by suburban commuters.

These are just more than I want to spend, especially on something this old. You can get a really nice 07-11 Lexus GS for less than one of these.

Maybe if it were something like a fun car you wouldn’t put a lot of miles on, but not a daily driver. What do you even do buying something like that? With a newer car, you try to make a big down payment so it’s paid off fast or keeps payments low. With this it’s already got some age on it, you don’t want to be still paying for it when it’s 20 years old. Do you make a big down payment so it gets paid off fast, but then you won’t have a lot of cash on hand to fix anything on it? Lexus or not, it’s old and will need something.

The first one posted was a smoking deal, it was only ten years old and you can have it paid off before it even has 100k on it.

That’s just where I’m at in regards to buying old cars, I’d rather pay cash, or just take a loan out on something newer. The GX470 falls into that “I don’t know about this” range. I was looking at Tacomas a few years ago and thought the same thing. I’m just not comfortable owing money on something that old.

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