2008 Pontiav Vibe - 51k miles - South Eastern WI, $5,999

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Nice deal I found on the GM badged Toyota Matrix, the Vibe was exactly the same other than the unpainted body trim. Basically a hatchback Corolla. Rear seats fold flat on these to make tons of cargo room. They actually have more interior storage space than the generation that came after them.

Both Toyota and Pontiac variants had the option of Toyota’s high spinning and personally endorsed 2zzge 4 cylinder with 6 speed manual transmission, but this example comes with the more humble 1zzge with the 4 speed automatic.

All around this is a low mile, low cost to own vehicle. Corolla parts and service is cheap, and being a light car it’s good on tires (premium treads for something like this is under $400 a set).

Under 60k miles for under 6 grand seems like a great buy. Seller claims 1 owner old lady driven to church and back type stuff. Located by Oconomowoc which is a few minutes west of Milwaukee WI.




Outstanding buy – and not much of a surprise that it appears to have already sold!