2008 Mercedes-Benz SL600 - 32k miles - $34,950 - Batavia, IL

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This R230 generation SL600 is one of the best cars to come from Stuttgart in the last twenty years, if not ever. It’s not only great looking but drives better than any SL before it, especially when fitted with the sublime 510 hp M275 twin turbo V12 engine, which delivers stunning, effortless power at any speed – and also, save for needing coil packs from time to time, is basically bulletproof.

The R230s all have Active Body Control (ABC) suspensions, which have a reputation for endless costly repairs. That may have been true in the early days, but more recently, indy mechanics and aftermarket suppliers have gotten savvy about the fixes, so it shouldn’t be a major concern.

Still, you’ll want to make sure to have this beauty checked out by a specialist before plunking down 35 grand for it. Ideally, it will already have had some of the major ABC components replaced as well as a fairly recent set of coil packs installed. If not, then set aside around $3000 to cover some of those fixes in case they are needed during your ownership.

This ultimate grand tourer is offered on Autotrader HERE by a private seller in the Chicago area for $34,950, which is slightly over the KBB estimate. Given the rarity of this model and the apparently top shelf condition, it might be worth paying a slight premium to get it into your garage. And knowing that you got it for a $100,000 discount from new should offer some peace of mind.


VIN: WDBSK77F78F139491


2005 Maybach 57 - 15k miles - $60,000 - Beverly Hills, CA

Sure they make electric cars and turbo V8s that make all sorts of power today, but nothing displays both a respect of and success within the caste system like owning a V12.

Due to my low birth I may never be a part of such a class of citizen, but I take my university courses, while slowly funding a 529 account for my offspring in hopes that maybe their children might spin a 12 cylinder one day.

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Don’t read this while drinking coffee – I almost did a spit take! :joy: