2008 Mazda B2300 - 56k miles - $8900 - Salem, OR

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In the US, the B series Mazda pickup is essentially a rebadged Ford Ranger, which is a wonderfully simple machine that really didn’t change much over the course of three decades of production.

This example is about a nice as they come. I love how manual it is, with crank windows, a row-your-own gearbox, and of course no navigation screens or any other such gizmos. It has a Mazda-sourced 2.3 liter inline four under hood, putting out 143 horsepower, which should be plenty for most light duty purposes. Plus it gets decent gas mileage for a truck, returning 21 MPG city and 26 MPG highway.

It’s offered on craigslist HERE by a specialty dealership near Salem, Oregon, for $8900, which is about half what one would have cost new. Considering it’s barely been used, that seems like a pretty good value.

VIN: 4F4YR12D48PM04203