2007 Toyota Camry SE - Minneapolis MN - 54k - $9000

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Found a really clean Camry in the upper midwest. SE model, of the same vintage from my short stint as a Toyota car salesman. The SE trim was available with 4 cylinder which this has, so it’s not equipped with the blazing-fast 268hp 6 cylinder of the time. But the 4 cylinder makes good torque and is helped even more by a new 5 gear automatic. (Stick is available on the 4 but good luck with that. I spent most of my idle saleman time digging through Toyota’s inventory database looking for them and I found like 3 of them in California) Still, a clean car, with the sport body kit, gauges, and has the sport suspension from when sport models still actually came with a sport suspension. (I’m looking at you Acura TLX A-spec) Not just springs, shocks, and swaybar suspension in this case either. The SE has chassis reinforcement bars, stronger welds in areas, and revised steering feedback. It’s a driving difference to be noticed over the other trim levels.

Not a TRD model which the title sort of misleads, it just has the cool 19" TRD wheels.

If you’re seeking for a sharp looking, clean shape, reliable car on the cheap, hard to beat this find. Might be kind of high priced, more appealing if it was the V6, so you might have some wiggle room.


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I helped my parents sell their 2007 Camry SE last year with similar miles. They ended up getting around 9200 for it. They still regret selling it to this day

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Nice car. These weren’t on my radar at all, but I agree that the styling is sharp – especially in comparison to the overdone stuff on more recent Toyota models. I also like the tidy dashboard, which has a pretty strong old-school Acura vibe (in a good way)…