2007 BMW Z4 M roadster - 45k miles - $19,950 - Seattle, WA

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With only about 3000 examples in the US, the Z4 M roadster is a fairly rare car, and this example looks like one of the better ones out there, with relatively few miles and like-new appearance inside and out.

And with nice coupe variants fetching up to $40k, the roadster is far cheaper way to experience the joy of the M’s 330 hp S54 inline six, which pairs with an excellent 6-speed manual ZF gearbox to provide one of the most sublime powertrains you can find in a BMW.

This one is offered by a private seller on craigslist HERE in Seattle for $19,950. That’s reasonable given the rarity, miles, and condition, but still it probably wouldn’t hurt to try negotiating a bit.

VIN: 5UMBT93517LY52969