2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT sedan - 36k miles - $10,750 - Las Vegas, NV

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This hardly-used 2.5 GT sedan features Subie’s outstanding EJ255 turbocharged flat four, the same 250 hp mill that’s at the heart of the boy-racer WRX but here surrounded by the fourth-gen Legacy’s handsomely understated wrapper.

The only downsides I see are: 1) it’s not a wagon and 2) it’s not a manual. I wouldn’t sweat the slushbox too much, though, because apparently the row-your-own gearbox on these cars is nothing to write home about.

While it is a bit pricey at nearly eleven grand, keep in mind that these models were near the top of the line for Subaru, costing north of thirty large when new, so you’re still get a helluva lot of car for the money.

VIN: 4S3BL676264208217


Price has been dropped to $9992…


Great car and my fave generation of the Legacy. Bummer about the automatic but I’d still take it. This would be great in winter; throw a set of Blizzaks and a ski rack on it and call it done!

Oddly, it seems like the seller bumped the price back up, it’s now at $10,995 even though he claims it has been “reduced”. Still well worth checking out given it’s a seemingly mint, super low mileage GT.