2006 Mercedes-Benz C55 - 87k miles - $10,500 - Hudson, NY

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The AMG variant of the W203 generation C-Class is one of the last real Q ships to come from Mercedes. Unlike most recent AMG models, there’s hardly any bling or flash here to indicate that this handsome but relatively humble-looking sedan is packing a 362 hp V8 under the hood.

Moreover the powertrain (M113 engine + 722.6 automatic gearbox) is one of the most robust ever offered in a modern Mercedes.

This example – offered on the MBCA site HERE by a private seller (and past Benz club section president) – has far fewer miles than average and looks to be in great shape, with a full history of dealer service.

All that for just ten grand seems like an outstanding buy.



I miss all the old low key AMGs.

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