2006 Lancer Evolution IX MR - 53k miles - $28,000 - North Chicago burbs

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Enter my former dream car the Lancer Evo 9 MR. This crispy example has only 53k miles on it and comes from the northern burbs of Chicagoland. It has some mods of course because every single one does, but it looks like only exhaust and cams. Powered by one of the greatest turbo 4 cylinders ever made, the 2nd gen 4G63 and mated to one of the most fragile 6-speed manuals ever produced.

The whole Evo lineup got front a front LSD in 05, but 06 was the first year for Mitsu’s MIVEC variable valve timing system. Despite missing the Active Yaw Control of the Japanese models, the US got an aggressive 1.5 way clutch LSD in the rear diff to help you kick the back end out when required to impress any teenage onlookers in the vicinity.

Other than the 6 speed the MR models came with a HID lights, suede interior, aluminum roof, Bilstein shocks, lowered suspension, and other random pieces, but did not come with those goofy canard splitters that hopefully aren’t riveted through the front bumper…

While I may write the car off as my being an adult and my tastes progressing through age, my exposure to culture through continuing education, and other life pursuits, I still imagine myself throwing dirt tires on one of these and playing Tommi Makinen by sliding around like a maniac on gravel roads or your local public roadway.


Priced high at $28k, but a damn clean example. I think an untitled new one of these sold for like $200k or something on bring a trailer a few years ago…

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These are amazing machines. I got to drive one at Streets of Willow once, and it made me think I was a fast driver. (When I went out again in a lesser car, I found out the car was fast, not me.)

Another nice thing about these is that they really seem to hold their value, so even if you pay mid 20s for this, it’ll probably be worth near that for years, as long as you don’t wreck it.

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