2006 Acura TL - A-Spec - 6-speed manual - 50k miles - $18,900 - Spokane, WA

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This 3rd gen TL is something of a unicorn with low miles, a manual gearbox, plus the A-Spec performance package, which was a five grand option when new and includes beefier suspension bits, larger wheels, as well as some flashy body effects and badging. And it looks quite sharp in Royal Blue on grey leather.

The car appears pretty much perfect inside and out, and it sounds like it’s received excellent care, with the seller noting tons of recent service, including a timing belt change, new fluids all around, and new Continentals plus a 4-wheel alignment.

Is it worth $18,900? That’s a ton for one of these, but for a rare and turn-key example of what many would consider a perfectly spec’ed car, there is probably a buyer.

It’s offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in Spokane, WA.



I love these things, my friend has one and they’re a really nice car. A spec with the 6 speed is where it’s at, not as flashy as the Type S models, much more under the radar.

Fun Fact: All the new A-spec Acuras don’t even offer any performance upgrades, they just have dark wheels and red seats.

Too bad it doesn’t have the cool Camel interior color.

Looks so much better than the gray. For some reason, gray interiors always remind me of Jerry Seinfeld’s parents.

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That Carmel interior is so nice!

Benz offered that shade for a few years (Palomino), and I’ve always coveted it:

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This TL has been discounted by a whopping four grand is is now offered at a much more reasonable ask of $14,900:



I love the TL’s available carmel leather interior especially when paired with the dark green exterior. $18.9k was too ambitious and I think it’s still pricey at $14.9k.



Maybe the guy thinks he’s selling a Tacoma…