2005 Volvo V70 2.4 - 62k miles - $5100 - Beaverton, OR

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Five thousand bucks for a clean, low-mile Volvo wagon is such a great deal. Plus, according to its vehicle history report, this is a one-owner example with no accidents, damage, or other issues.

On the down side, it’s just the “base” model (for the US), with a 2.4 liter naturally-aspirated inline 5 putting out 168 hp (about half that of top-of-the-line R spec). But if you’re like most people and use your Volvo wagon for mostly practical things, it gets the job done – and there are no turbos to worry about.

Assuming it checks out in person, this is a no brainer to buy at $5100.

Offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Portland area. I suspect it will be gone quickly.

VIN: YV1SW612452484996



And it’s gone like the wind… great find and buy!

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