2005 Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon - 45k miles $11,300 South Wisconsin

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Never seen one like this. Clean 5-speed WRX wagon with under 50k. A museum piece as far as I’m concerned since it’s low miles, isn’t rusty, and isn’t modded!!!


It’s on craigslist in southern Wisconsin smack between Madison and Milwaukee in Janesville WI, but don’t worry, Paul Ryan moved away last summer.

Or maybe he’s the one selling it!

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Looks great – and the price, although a touch on the high side for one of these, is actually pretty fair considering the rarity of an unmolested, low-mile example like this one.

Fun, fast, and useful – hard to beat that combo!



Sold. Not a bad deal considering a local dealer is trying to sell basically the same car with 100k more miles on it for only $1,200 less…

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I would call that very well bought. IMO it’s always better to pay a little more for a great example. It pays off in many ways – the cars usually drive better, have fewer maintenance needs, and in the end command a much better resale value. Plus there’s the simple joy of having something that’s kinda special.

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