2005 Mercedes-Benz C240 - 70k miles - $7000 - Cleveland, OH

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What a nice car for $7000. It’s just a lowly low-spec C-Class, but it’s obviously been well cared for and looks sharp in Bordeaux Red factory paint. Though labeled a “240” it actually has the 2.6 liter M112 V6 engine, which is a solid and reliable powerplant, producing 168 hp and 177 ft-lbs of torque. Mated to the 722.6 5-speed automatic gearbox, it should offer decent and refined power, though not spectacular fuel economy (around 20 MPG combined).

If you want a refined and robust commuter with a bit more style and sophistication than your average Toyota or Honda, this would be an excellent choice, especially if you have a good independent Benz specialist in your neighborhood to help keep the running costs low.

Offered on the Peachparts forums HERE by a private seller in the Cleveland area.


As it happens, I just drove one of these last week, a C240 wagon. I thought it had a four-cylinder based on the “240” designation, but then I accelerated and discovered the V6. Like many German engines, this one punches above its weight, and for what it’s worth, the specimen I experienced had 235k miles and felt buttery smooth. Great road presence, too, for a small car – typical heavy/robust Benz character. $7k seems a bit high to me, but on the other hand, that interior looks exceptional.


That’s good to hear. This is one of those cars that you’d probably never seek out specifically, but when such a nice one pops up for a reasonable price it’s quite an attractive buy.

I agree on the price. I think $6000-6500 is probably more in line with the market. If you could get it for less than $6000, that would be a steal.


This one has been reduced to $5800, which is an excellent buy…