2005 Maybach 57 - 15k miles - $60,000 - Beverly Hills, CA

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Today’s lesson in depreciation comes in the form of this Maybach 57, which stickered for $325,000 when new, and some 15k miles later is now offered for sale for a whopping $265,000 less, a discount of over 80%.

The Maybach is based on the storied W140 generation S Class and features a 543 hp twin-turbo V12 (designated M285), a variant of which was also used widely in Benz’s 600 series cars (like this one). So you’ve got a great platform and a great powertrain. Lots to like.

These cars were kind of a sales flop, with only around 100-200 sold per year during an eight-year run. That makes them pretty rare and perhaps even collectable, especially in this kind of shape.

If you ever wanted to pick one up, this one looks pretty hard to beat, with just a single owner and hardly any miles. It won’t be cheap to maintain, but given the solid Benz underpinnings, it shouldn’t be as crazy as most limited-production models. And I can’t imagine that any future owner will ever come close to paying what the original owner did, which adds up to nearly $20 per mile in depreciation alone!

It’s offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Los Angeles area for $60,000. With so few examples out there, it’s hard to know whether that’s fair. But considering what you’re getting, it seems almost cheap.

VIN: WDBVF78J74A000389



Weird sale. Sports cars like this are usually some sort of regrettable thing that ended up being too uncomfortable to drive, but that’s a lot of money to spend on a nice comfy car that you barely used in 15 years.

I’m not doubting the mileage or history, but you just gotta wonder what the story is.



Yes, I agree. Judging from the lack of use and also the empty garage it’s sitting in, I’m guessing estate sale.



The Maybach is back up HERE with a sizable price drop plus a few more photos.

That back seat sure does look inviting!