2004 Pontiac GTO - 16K miles $17,900 - Northern WI

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16k garage queen Pontiac GTO for sale in Sheboygan WI. The GTO represents a different way to get your LSx V8 manual trans fix. 5.7 car so not as powerful as the later 6 liter models, but whatever, it’s stick!

Not sure on the market for these cars, but other than not having the bigger motor, this is a top example of the breed. See it here on craigslist.


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Corvette powertrain in an understated and handsome exterior – quite the sleeper! The styling was called boring when it debuted, but I think it’s held up really well. In fact, I far prefer it to any of the other big American coupes (Camaro, Mustang, Challenger).

Also, fun fact, it’s one of the few US cars that was built in Australia.

KBB says the top of the market for these is around $15k, so the ask here isn’t far off. And even $18k for basically a perfect one seems like a bargain.



Yes, the whole retro reboot styling was cool as a prototype, but less so as a production car. The newer cars have cleaned up, but the first ones they built look kind of corny.

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