2004 Mazda 6 wagon - 31k miles - $4650 - San Diego, CA

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The idea of a cool, affordable, and sporty wagon with a manual gearbox seems like a pipe dream these days (at least in the US), but don’t forget about the first-gen Mazda 6, which featured a 220 hp DOHC V6 in a handsome package that was lauded in its day for a surprisingly tossable demeanor.

This example, with barely 30k miles and a single SoCal owner, is pretty much all you could ever ask for in a good used car – near perfect and insanely cheap at less than $5000. My guess is that it won’t last long.


VIN: 1YVHP82D945N92515


Posting deleted. A very good deal for a unicorn manual Mazda6 wagon.