2004 Lexus IS 300 - 56k miles - $8000 - Seattle, WA

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If you like the idea of a 3-series BMW with Toyota reliability, check out THIS one-owner, first-gen IS 300 with less than 60k miles.

The early IS-series features the magnificently smooth and torquey 2JZ-GE inline-six (which happened to make Klipnik’s recent list of great engines in affordable cars), in a nimble, rear-drive sedan with handsome styling and good old-fashioned hydraulic steering.

Some may object to the 5-speed automatic fitted here; however, it’s considered both durable and responsive, while the available manual gearbox was never anything to write home about, so it’s not too much of a drawback.

Offered on Autotrader HERE by the original Seattle-area owner for $8000, which seems fair considering the mileage and condition. Anything less would be extremely well-bought.


VIN: JTHBD192740090792