2003 Jaguar XJR - 44k miles - $11,000 - Gresham, OR

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This XJR, from the final year of the excellent X308 generation, seems like a whole lot of 370 hp supercharged Jaguar for not all that much money. Offered on craigslist HERE by a private seller in the Portland area for $11,000 or best offer. That’s a bit on the high side, so I’d recommend going with the “or best offer” route if you’re pursuing it.

VIN: SAJDA15B93MF58980



I just saw one of these at the supermarket ---- the shiniest black I have ever seen. It was parked way out in the parking lot at an angle ---- don’t anyone dare get close to this car … Lol

I was very impressed ---- the car had an aristocratic image. It was parked way out there in the parking lot all alone as if all other cars had to bow to its magnificence ----- it made quite a statement.

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Agreed. Great combo of old-world styling and modern drivetrain.

Fun fact: these have the Benz 722.6 5-speed automatic gearbox!

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